jQuery not working on Dhtmlx Grid cell ?

I have the cell contains a image and I want to do something when the img is clicked.

 $buttons = <<<EOD
                    <img src="icon.png" rowid="$item->id" onclick="deleteRow('$template_name',$item->id)" class="deleteRow"/>
                $buttons = htmlspecialchars($buttons);
                $row = <row><cell title="Delete Row">$buttons</cell></row>

The above code is working with the onclick event. However, if I take out the onclick and use jQuery event. The event does not fire when img is clicked.

 $buttons = <<<EOD
                    <img src="icon.png" rowid="$item->id"  class="deleteRow"/>

In my view

$(document).ready(function() {
        $('.deleteRow').live('click', function(){
                //do something such as deleteRow('$template_name',$item->id)      

I do not know what Dhtmlx Grid does to jQuery but the above codes does not fire. The only way onclick works is using ‘onclick’ inside img which is a bad javascript practice.