jQuery tooltips with combos

I’m struggling to get jQuery UI tooltips working with DHTMLX combos and was wondering if anyone had successfully got this working?

I have the title (for the tooltip) being set like this:

myCombo.DOMelem_input.title=“tooltip text”;

And then a callback running on the function that creates the combos from selects to create the tooltips:

doOnLoad(function () {

But it’s not working and I can’t figure out why.

Has anyone else tried to do this and overcome the issue?


replace combo’s DOM_elem with getInput():

myCombo.getInput().title = "Hi there!";

jquery tooltip common init:

$(function() { $(document).tooltip(); });

and how to show manually:
stackoverflow.com/questions/130 … open-close

Thanks, that did the trick.

There was also another issue, the DHTMLX default theme was hiding the content (overflow:hidden;) so I edited the CSS making the following change:

div.dhxcombo_dhx_skyblue { overflow: visible; }

I have a further issue with this now.

When jQuery tooltips are enabled the div.tooltip is inserted on focus as the first element within div.dhxcombo_input.

This seems to be preventing dhtmlxcombo from setting the value in the hidden input (name=model in the example below).

I’ve not looked at the dhtmlxcombo code but I presume it is doing something with siblings, which the jQuery tooltip disrupts, rather than identifying elements by name.

Anyone know of a workaround for this?

Just noticed it’s actually twitter bootstrap tooltips that cause the conflict, not jQuery tooltips. I had a conflict between the two in my code.

So there is still an issue, it’s just with bootstrap tooltips, not jQuery tooltips.


how about to use dhtmlxPopup?

Never realised that existed! Thanks for the suggestion.