Json Format


The xml api is very well documented, but I am unclear on the equivalents if I wanted to use a json string. Below is an example xml.


1 2 px 42% 41% [/code] I have translated it to the json string below:

{"rows": { "head": { "column": [ { "width": 238, "type": "edtxt", "align": "center", "content": 1 }, { "width": 237, "type": "edtxt", "align": "center", "content": 2 } ], "settings": {"colwidth": "px"} }, "row": { "id": 123, "cell": [ { "validate": "checkWidthPercent", "content": "42%" }, { "validate": "checkWidthPercent", "content": "41%" } ] } }}

Could you please correct the json string so that it works like the xml version?



Unfortunately it’s not available to configure the header from the JSON.


Thanks for letting me know. I was hoping that using json might be a good workaround for IE11 issues. Do you have any idea where implementing feature parity for json falls on the roadmap?

Dhtmlxgrid cannot parse an xml on IE11 because it is calling getElementByTagName on table and tr elements and IE 11 only supports the rows and cols properties respectively for some silly reason.

Would you have an interest in providing a patch or should I go the private version path until you support it?

I think that there are more than a few of us getting our web apps ready for IE11 and we all want a seamless day one transition for our clients. Providing an unofficial patch would go a long way towards supporting us in that goal.



Now the dhtmlxgrid should work well in IE11.
Please, open ticket at support.dhtmlx.com so we can provide a fix with you.