I am creating JSON load via Domino Agent but need to get the JSON String into a JS Array or Array Object with your Row Index notation.

What is most efficient method to get JSON string below into JS Array or Object.

For Ex : {rows:[{id:1, data:[ “GRASSO”, “ERIC” ,“4433063564”]},{id:2, data:[ “VICK”, “MICHAEL” ,“4433060832”]},{id:3, data:[ “COOK”, “ALBERT” ,“4433060863”]}]}

Your Json loader is blowing up on Data.Rows.Length. Looks like I am passing this array as a string. Data.Lenth returns number of characters and Data.Rows.length is undefined. I need a way to generate the rows & indexing into a JS Array or Array Object.

Any suggestions welcome how I can take the above well formed JSON string that you system requires and re-build it into an array with your required row indexing and my data.

a) you can use attached js file, it contains updated logic , which will allow to use grid.parse with json string ( so you need not do any conversion )
b) with existing version you can use


where data - json string

dhtmlxgrid_json.zip (1.01 KB)