JSON+XML Example do not work, can't save any data

the examples 04_connector_json.html (just empty gantt-chart) and 05_connector_xml.html (Dialogbox with: Error type: LoadXML Description:Incorrect XML) do not work. Also the example “how to start…” will result in an errormessage (red box with : invalid data).

I can’t get it to work and save data. No example works. What am I doing wrong?

Best, Hugo

The same samples works online

docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/01 … _json.html

Default samples are using sqlite db ( it is included in the package ), be sure that you have enabled the sqlite support in php configuration
Also, you can reconfigure samples for MySQL, by editing samples/common/config.php

Sometimes I feel blind…

Thanks a lot for that hint, that solved the problem!

Best Regards,