KanBan Error on License version, working fine in Demo


When i click on card the browser console shows an error -
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘label’)
at Dt.e.$$.update (Combo.svelte:32:35)
at Ce (index.mjs:1887:8)
at new Lt (Combo.svelte:66:74)
at Array.Li (Editor.svelte:88:33)
at m (index.mjs:69:27)
at Zn (Field.svelte:17:12)
at Ce (index.mjs:1891:37)
at new el (Field.svelte:10:11)
at Array.vi (Editor.svelte:102:27)
at Hi (Editor.svelte:150:36)
Dt.e.$$.update @ Combo.svelte:32
Ce @ index.mjs:1887
Lt @ Combo.svelte:66
Li @ Editor.svelte:88
m @ index.mjs:69
Zn @ Field.svelte:17
Ce @ index.mjs:1891
el @ Field.svelte:10
vi @ Editor.svelte:102
Hi @ Editor.svelte:150
ui @ Editor.svelte:59
p @ Editor.svelte:58
ue @ index.mjs:1093
de @ index.mjs:1060
Promise.then (async)
oe @ index.mjs:1018
(anonymous) @ index.mjs:1844
(anonymous) @ index.mjs:1882
(anonymous) @ Column.svelte:15
r @ index.mjs:34
setState @ Store.js:11
po @ search.js:33
(anonymous) @ DataStore.js:143
_handlers. @ EventBus.js:12
exec @ EventBus.js:26
io @ select.js:21
(anonymous) @ DataStore.js:143
_handlers. @ EventBus.js:12
exec @ EventBus.js:26
(anonymous) @ Search.svelte:52
(anonymous) @ index.mjs:977
(anonymous) @ index.mjs:976
g @ Search.svelte:33
(anonymous) @ Search.svelte:75
a @ Search.svelte:77


Most probably you are using the “combo” type for the shape editor:
Please, try to use the “multiselect” only:


HI Sematik,

I am using multiselect only, When i add the demo kanban.js and other files it works fine but when i add the licensed one issue is comming

const editorShape = [
type: “multiselect”,
key: “users”,
label: “Users”,
options: users,
type: “text”,
key: “desc”,
label: “testing”,
//options: users,
config: {
readonly: true,
focus: true,
disabled: false,

When i click on “Add New Card”, Then All things are working fine but if i do my first click on Card report gets the error


Could you please, provide a complete demo, where the problem can be reconstructed locally or a code snippet with the editorShape , cardShape config and the users data.


data.js (1.8 KB)
Kanban.jsp (4.3 KB)

Here Are the details, Same working fine with Demo Kanban but not with license kanban.


HI, any help/update on this?


HI The issue is solved, The issue was with Priority field, It is not taking Value as 0 to show the field null.