Kanban evaluation


Hi all, I’m working on integration of the brand new kanban widget on my CakePHP-based Webserver. Currently the AJAX-process for initialization data exchange (getCards(), getColumns(), getRows() works well. But in difference to the DHX code snippet example https://snippet.dhtmlx.com/f25y0809?mode=wide the js-plugin doesnt generate no further PUT- or POST-requests for card interacting (move-card, update-card). Are any code addings required to do this or is the trial version not able for that?

const url = "<?= Router::url(['controller' => 'AsmProcs'], true) ?>";
const restProvider = new kanban.RestDataProvider(url);
const users = <?= json_encode($Workers) ?>;
const  cardPriority = <?= json_encode($cPrio) ?>;

const cardShape = { // card settings
	label: true,
	description: true,
	progress: true,
	start_date: true,
	end_date: true,
	priority: {
		show: true,
		values: cardPriority
	users: {
		show: true,
		values: users
	color: true,
	menu: true,
	cover: true,
	attached: false,

]).then(([cards, columns, rows]) => {
	const board = new kanban.Kanban("#root", {
		rowKey: "type",
	new kanban.Toolbar("#toolbar",{ api: board.api });



The code looks fine.
Can you please double check that client doesn’t send any request on card’s modification.
Please check the browser console for network requests, as it possible that requests are sent by client side but just ignored by CakePHP’s code.

Are any code addings required to do this or is the trial version not able for that?

The trial version doesn’t have any limits ( it just shows the trial markers in UI )
Normally the next line is enough to enable all server side calls



Hi Stanislav
Here the screenshots from your original site after moveCard , the CakePHP site before moveCard and after that.
I think, that the drag & drop change of a card position a PUT-request has to be triggered like in your original implementation, even if the server function for that isn’t implemented yet. In this case should the server response with a 400 error code, I guess. But nothing happens and I have no explantation for that.
best regards