keep getting "Do you want to edit the whole set ..." msg

Hi all,

I have set up the calendar through joomla at the following url. … ,mode=week

you might have to click forward one week to see some entries.

When i log out of the site and come back as a non logged in user to view a reoccurring event… if i click on that event to view the details, then I get the following message:
“Do you want to edit the whole set of repeated events?”

Then I have to select either ok or cancel and both will then take me through to the pop up window with the details?

Obviously this will throw potential customers that visit the page.
How do I stop this message?



Are you using latest version of scheduler|plugin?

You can open {plugin folder}/codebase/sources/locale.js

and change

confirm_recurring:“Do you want to edit the whole set of repeated events?”,



it will remove the confirmation message.