Keeping colours on a specific line regardless of time

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking around for something I can use for my client’s booking site and I think this is the way to go. However, I have a question. My client owns several properties and wants to implement a single calendar / scheduler to display bookings for all the properties. Each property has an assigned colour, but she would like it so that each colour remains on the same line - i.e. always red, blue, green, yellow in that order, regardless of whether or not a red property has been booked on a specific day / week. I have attached a simple mock up of what I mean - as you can see the orange bar is always at the bottom, even though there are no other bookings on the 8th.

I guess it’s best to imagine it like a rainbow - each colour remains on the same level every time, not based on how many booking are on that day. Is this possible to do? It looks like it works on a

basis, rather than table so I guess positioning with CSS could work?



Unfortunately we can’t provide you a solution how to implement it on Month view like on the image. All events occupy the first free space from the top.

Perhaps you can try using Timeline view. Demo: … eview.html

To change event’s color, use event_class template … lates.html

It’s also possible to hide sections if you don’t need them:

Yeah, I knew the timeline view could do it - but my client would ideally like to see an entire month’s bookings. What’s the maximum number of days you can view in timeline?

Depends on scale and “x_step” settings, and also screen widths. You can show even a year:

Ah I see - thanks for that. The only other thing I’m wondering is, is it possible to switch the display so that the names would be along the top and the dates down the left side?

Yes, it is possible in Unit view.

But in this view you can have only hours on Y-scale and have a limited number of days on the X-scale, which also depends on the size of the array with sections(names). … ltipledays