Keyboard focus for ToolBar icons

Hi, I am using the dhtmlxtoolbar to display the Pagination bar in the Grid.

I am trying to set tabindex for each of the images in the toolbar, so that the elements are tabbable. But I could not able to get references of the images available in the toolbar.

I have attached the screen shot of the toolbar and the code I am using.

mygrid.enablePaging(true, 10, 10, “recinfoArea”, true, “recinfoArea”);
mygrid.setPagingSkin(“toolbar”, “dhx_blue”);

Can you guide me how I can override the image objects and set tabIndex and Title for each of them, either thru grid/toolbar api, or thru jquery/javascript.

Note: I am using a licensed version of Toolbar and Grid (dhtmlxGrid v.3.5 Standard edition build 120731)

I need this also. I need to be able to focus through all items in a toolbar using just a keyboard. Can you please tell us if and when this will ever be available? Thanks!

This is very much needed.

Unfortunately the tabbing in the dhtmlxToolbar is not available.

About the toolbar icons:
The toolbar skin is based on dhtmlxToolbar. To get the toolbar object you should use the aToolBar property.
var myToolbar=grid.aToolBar;
so you may call any toolbar api for your myToolbar.
For changing the icon you may try to use the setItemImage() method: … image.html