keyboard navigation for Mac

Hi there,
Most of the keyboard navigation maps OK to the Mac keyboard - Ctl maps to Cmd which seems to be OK in some cases. But it would be nice to have a little finer control of mapping equivalents for the Mac.

For example:
Your presets for Alt-1,Alt-2,Alt-3 I would expect to map to Opt-1, Opt-2, Opt-3 but they don’t work here: … lugin.html

This is strange, since I can create custom shortcuts using Alt/Opt.
I would like to be able to set up a custom shortcut for the Control key modifiers and Command Key modifiers.
Control Key commands map to the Mac Command key in your preset commands, but they don’t seem work with custom shortcuts and many times conflict with OS or App-level commands.
Meta key doesn’t seem to map to anything on the Mac.

Are any of these a possibility?


Default shortcuts of keyboardnavigation don’t look forward that user has custom shortcuts. And also if the application has a lot of ussers, it’s not possible to foresee and take into account all their settings of custom shortcuts.

You can find info aboul existing shortcuts here: … gshortcuts

And also it’s possible to customize keyboard shortcuts in dhtmlxscheduler_key_nav.js file according to your requirements.

I think you misunderstood the question. This is specifically regarding the Apple Mac - Your keynav extension does not handle Apple Mac modifier keys well. I’ve tried to itemize the discrepancies above, but if you test both preset & custom shortcuts, you will find the same issues I’ve described when using the Mac modifier keys.

Here’s what I’d like to be able to do:
[]Alternate between views using either Ctl-1, Ctl-2, etc or Opt-1, Opt-2, etc. or Ctl-tab or Opt-tab
]Be able to add my own commands using the Mac Command key ⌘
[*]Be able to add my own commands using the Mac Control key

I’ve already tried doing this with the documented methods, but they didn’t work. I’ve documented the results above.

Thank you.


Is there any update on this?