Keyboard navigation Issue(can't move cell)

Thank you for using the DHTMLX libraries.

I’m using Vue 2 and gantt 7.0.11 and I’m having problems with keyboard_navigation.

When I start gantt for the first time, I can move cells with the keyboard without any problem.
However, if I move to another Views and come back, the cursor position will be fixed to the previous cell, and I will not be able to move the cell with the keyboard.

The source code of gantt is just loading plugins (keyboard_navigation), clearAll (second time), init, and parse.

Could you help me solve my problem?

Best regards,

Hello Take,
It should be a common approach to destroy the Gantt instance when you switch to another tab/page. And when you open the tab/page with Gantt, create a new Gantt instance:
Unfortunately, I don’t have a Vue demo, but here is an Angular demo, it may help you to create your solution:

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Thank you for your answer.
I’ll try it.