Keyboard navigation issue in version 4.1.0


We are using version 4.1.0 and trying to use keyboard navigation now. But we are facing an issue in scrolling. When a task somewhere in middle of screen in selected, scrolling using mouse wheel or using scrollbar does not work to load the tasks at the bottom. Tasks are not scrolled.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Include dhtmxgantt_smartrendering
  2. Include dhtmlxgantt_keyboardnavigation
  3. Open Gantt with more number of tasks where scrollbar is visible on right side.
  4. Select a task near the middle of the screen
  5. Try to scroll tasks using mouse wheel or scrollbar present on right side.

Upon investigation I found out when keyboard navigation is used along with smart rendering, then this issue appears. With only smart rendering and without keyboard navigation this is not reproducible.

Could you please help us solve this issue?


Hello Pravin,
I was able to reproduce the issue in the 4.1 version:
But it is old and outdated, and the issue is not reproduced in the latest version:

Probably, that bug was fixed in the 5.2 version or earlier:

Usually, we don’t provide fixes for old versions, but if you want us to do that for you, I can contact you with the Sales team.

Hi Ramil,

Is this a simpler fix which I can make to fix the issue temporarily in 4.1 version. If so, could you please share the details of the required changes?


Hello Pravin,
No, it is not a quick fix.
I think the easiest way would be to connect the smart_rendering extension from the 6.3.7 version: