keycode 13


I using dhtmxl grid proffesionnal. The grid intercept the “enter” event and cause a bug in a web page which have a form. the grid submit my form…

how disable the “enter” event capture of the grid.


The next peace of code must help

    if (code==13) return false;
    return true;

the event capture is at line 3519 of dhtmlxgrid.js in source of  pro_v15_80319

i have comment :

    if (!document.body._dhtmlxgrid_onkeydown){
      dhtmlxEvent(document,“keydown”,new Function(“e”,“if (globalActiveDHTMLGridObject) return globalActiveDHTMLGridObject.doKey(e||window.event);  return true;”));

Yep, this is global handler used by grid, but this code doesn’t block event, so it must not affect logic of page.
If “return true;” somehow causes issue in your case - you can freely remove it ( we will remove it in next build of grid in any case, because it has not any special sense.