Keymap - excel

HI!, In Grid 1.5 there is an example about “Keymap - excel” Navigation.


When im in editing a Field, and then press enter the data change, the “cursor” move to the next cell, that is ok, but also seems to “lost focus” and navigation doesn’t work anymore, can you check it please?


Problem with lost focus after closing editot by enter/escape key in IE - confirmed , to resolve it - please use attached js file instead of original one. (1.25 KB)

Ok, now works ok the navigation. But when i kepress on a math price cell i get a Javascript Error: “this.cell_val is null or not an object”


My Grid Math rows:



And if i keypress on a “RO” cell, the value disappears!



Both issues confirmed and fixed - fixed js file attached. (1.27 KB)