Label for container in form

Is there a way to have a label for a container element in form ?


I usually put the form in a layout with an additional row above for an html label that is easily modified with CSS. However, the form does have the ‘title’ property. Could this work?

My goal is to have a label for my container in a form
not a title.
i suppose you suggest to create a layout with 2 sections
one with the form an one with the container, and a title for the 2nd section…but in this case i don’t use the container in form feature.

Yes, it’s probably a walkthrough, but …painfull

Container in form is a PRO feature and could be better with an optionnal label feature.
(in my case i have a form with 2 containers which are similar, i need a label to make business distinction for the 2 containers)

I updated the snippet :

I search a simple way to add the labels
“Country : Job done” and “Country : Job to do”

Hello @fbockelee_dila
For now the only solution is, as the @ND_Results suggests, to use the layout in your container control for displaying the needed title/label.
I’ve sent your request to the dev team, so your requested functionality may appear in the future updates.

ok that work, a little verbose. thx

We extended the possibility to show a label for the container form control in the latest dhx.Suite update (v7.3).
You can check it in the following snippets:
Please, download the latest available dhx.Suite build to get this functionality.
Thank you for your report.
Best regards.