Label on the line chart

Hi please help me, i can’t show lable on the line chart.
can i show label on the chart with x-Axis ??? … style.html
in this sample chart 1 have label and chart 4 have x_axis, can i use lable on the chart 4 ???

i need it because i want show on the some point’s custom data above the line, it’s possible ?

upgrade dhtmlxchart to 3.6 and it’s work ))))

Hi label can work only dhtmlxchart.js version 3.6 ??? or in the 3.5 too ???
i can’t use 3.6 because in autorefresh mode each 5 minutes used memory by IE10 grows on 30mb. With dhtmlxchart.js version 3.5 memory is not grow.

when i use offset:0 in the dhtmlxchart 3.5 i can’t see labels … but if i not use offset:0 my chart xAxis have wrong dimensions

Labels are not displayed in 3.5. The fix for 3.6 is attached in the other your post