Labels or children for Combos

In a Form one is able to specify a label for a combo viz:

[{type: "settings", position: "label-left", labelWidth: 130, inputWidth: 120, offsetLeft: 10}, {type: "select", name: "selorg", label: "Target organisation", options: [ {value: "0", text: ""}, {value: "1", text: "Org 1"}, ....
Pre Version 4 there was an option for childCombo that required coding for populating a list for child combos. This is same, same but different in Version 4+. The example [url][/url] provides a way to handle downstream combo population.
However, combos outside of a form have no label option and I have see no way to dynamically populating “child” combos in a Form.
A solution, one way or the other, is sought. Either provide label option for coded combos or provide dynamic population in a form.

Just need to specify: do you need to add child combos dynamically or leave them in a static quantity?

Typically, the child combos (to n depth) will have options loaded dynamically to reflect the selection of the parent combo - something similar to the sample identified in previous post.

But you posted code sample with select and asking about combo. Could you specify please the current type: “combo” or “select”?