Language issue with the export module


Hi, we’re using standalone export module and trying to export the data in English with Chinese words.
But it shows only box shaped image for the Chinese character.


I thought this could be the font issue so I’ve tried to change the font for the exported PDF but the font doesn’t seem to be applied. I include this to the header attribute with another custom style file which has *{font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;}: <link href=‘,400,500’ rel=‘stylesheet’>

As I cannot replicate this issue with the demo or snippets, is it possible to have this issue because we’re using standalone export module? If so, can I get the instruction for installing the specific font or setting up for changing the font displayed? Or do you think there can be another reason for this issue?



Hello Birdie,
Thank you for reporting about the issue.
I was able to reproduce it with a docker image. Do you use the docker image to export the data?

I added that issue as a bug in our internal tracker, so the dev team will fix it in the future. But there is a fix for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai languages. Please, contact the support team according to the instructions that were included in the license email, and we’ll send you the updated docker image.


May I know around when the bug will be fixed, actually I find the issue happened at free export service too.


Unfortunately, I cannot give you any ETA.
If you have a standalone export module, you need to install additional fonts on your system. And if you use a docker image, you need to include the strings to install the fonts there, then build a new docker image.


Hello Birdie,

The dev team fixed the bug with the Chinese characters in the exported file: