Language problems when Export pdf

hello ,
I have a problem when I export the Calendar to PDF , if i create an event that the text is in english it export the events well and i see all the details of the event , but if for example i am trying to create an event that the text is in hebrew for example i can only see the hours of the event in the PDF file , does Anyone know this problem and can help me to see the text in hebrew also ?

Which encoding you are using for text?

Online service uses utf-8 fonts ( not sure is they are fully complete or not ) which must work for most languages. If you are using non-utf encoding - it will not be rendered for sure.

If you are using local version - you can replace default fonts with custom ones, to ensure correct text export.

Stanislav thanks for the reply , but i went into the dhtmlxscheduler_pdf.js and the code was
accept-charset=“utf-8” , and utf-8 is hebrew lang uage included , i dont know what do.

Does problem occurs with local or online pdf export script ?
Can you provide some kind of demo link where it can be checked ?

if i understand you so when i export online it dosent show text , and also if i save it on locale on my computer , about a demo link , all site is in hebrew so it will be a problam for you to know what to there . if you are want to be on the site i will need to give you user and pass.
you have any idea what i need to change on code and where , thank tamir.