Laravel 8 Methods Put and Delete 405 Error

When trying to Delete or Save a task it throws a 405 error “Method Not Allowed”. Looks like it is rejecting PUT and DELETE requests. Everything displays great and it will create new tasks using POST. Just wondering if anyone else has ran into this.

Larvel 8
dhtmlxGantt v.7.0.13 Standard

Hello Brit,
It should be related to the Laravel configuration, not Gantt. It is beyond our support, so I cannot suggest how to configure Laravel.
But if you want us to help you to integrate Gantt into your environment, I can contact you with the Sales team.

I was concerned that would be the case. I’ll take it as a sign to get busy on converting the application over to .NET and then perhaps get in contact with sales if I run into issues getting it integrated to that environment.