Large page (scrolling) seems to break menu positioning and v

I have a context menu attached to nodes that are part of a very wide tree diagram. The tree scales horizontally and the page scrolls left and right to browse the tree. The context menu works great for nodes that are visible on the page without scrolling. However, if you scroll the page horizontally to the right the menu does not show. I fixed this by changing the CSS rule in dhtmlxmenu_dhx_blue.css on line 92 from overflow: hidden; to overflow: visible; and by using pageX and pageY on line 1629 of dhtmlxmenu.js rather than clientX and clientY (see this page for more on calculating mouse position reliably across browsers: … l#position).

The only remaining problem is that for any node that is off to the right of the default (non-scrolled) page contents makes the menu appear to the left of the mouse cursor as if there were not enough space to the right of the cursor for it to appear as it normally does. Similarly, submenus branch to the left as if there were not enough room for them on the right even though there is plenty.

I observed this problem in FF 2.x and have not tested other browsers. I suspect the problem is in dhtmlxmenu.js in the _showPolygon function (line 200 of source) in the math calculations that are done to find out how to display the polygon.

Problem confirmed and fixed, thanks for your suggestions.
Fix will be released in nearest time, please contact us directly at if you need a fix ASAP.