Lateral window resize problem


Hi. if a window contains a frame that I want to resize with a call to the “resize” function, the lateral resizing (both from the left and from the right) is slow and tends to lock, which does not happen if instead it resizes from a corner or from bottom or from above. What can it depend on?

tks in advance.

PS: I report the code of the resize function:“Resize”, function(size, oldsize, resizeSide) {
var misure = win.getSize();
var x11=misure.width-56;
var y11=misure.height-156;


Unfortunaetly the porblem cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, refer to the following snippet:
IF the porblem still occurs for you please, priovide a similar snippet, complete demo or a demo link, wehre the problem can be reconstructed locally.


ok, see this snippet:

the orizontal resize have problem. But if i resize from corner or i do a vertical resize, all is ok. Why?

tks in advance


I apologize for the delay. The porblem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in future updates.


We have finally fixed that probklem in the dhtmlxSuite 7.0.
Now the resizinfg should works well.
You can check it in your original snippet: