Latest dhmtlxscheduler_pdf.js


Could you please attach the latest dhmtlxscheduler_pdf.js scheduler file. My current file only works in month view for me. I have attached the error at line 101 that FireFix Error Console outputted.

Scrap that! I have just found the link here: … ng_service

I’ll give this a try, thanks.

Nope, just tried that file and it is the same as the one I already have. Any ideas? Thanks

You can try to use the attached one. (2.29 KB)

Thanks Stanislav, strange but I get the following error (similar) on line 104 using that new file:

yh[0] is undefined

My Scheduler works fine, it is just when I come to print via PDF?

can you try the same , but with dhtmlxscheduler_debug.js ?
( error messages from compressed file are too cryptic )