Latest dhtmlx version 5+ link

What is the latest version? Is it 5.2.0?
Where can I find the most latest version (stable) for dhtmlx v5+

I am trying to use dhtmlx6 but it has less api and less documentation.
On my point of view it is not mature yet and writing some script fixes seems to be a
pain in the future code maintenance. No offense.

I would like to ask for a link of the most latest copy of dhtmlx5+ please.
Thank you.

Please also include the offline documentation for v5+ since the online docs are v6+.
I am really rooting and supporting the version 6+ I reported some bugs and I am hoping that the team working on this v6+ will make it mature soon.

Thank you for your feedback.

Currently the latest version of tghe dhtmlxSuite 5 is 5.2.
You can find the dhtmlxSuite 5 documentation online: