Latest version compatible with reactJS or Angular2


Hello I want to upgrade to the latest version of dhtmlx and our team want to integrate the use the components with ReactJS or/and Angular2 in some escenarios, are available libraries to use them together or is the support already build in, if such features still not available have any plan to release them any time soon?



There is no any special integration for React or for Angular 2.
Still, in the same time, there are no conflicts between libraries. So you can use dhtmlx components inside of React or Angular based app.

From our experience, DHTMLX works nicely with Angular 2. In case of React, while dhtmlx can be initialized inside of React custom tags, it willn’t use Virtual Dom and as result the performance will degrade.


And for the future exist any plans for integrate dhtmlx to work seamlessly with react virtual DOM, or such features are not coming any time soon?


Nope, reactJS uses absolutely different approach, it requires full rewriting to adapt dhtmlx for virtual DOM.