Layout 4.0 issue with Browser Scrollbars

When upgrading to 4.0.3 we experienced problems with the layout object removing both horizontal and vertical scrollbars from the browser. After trying a lot of things I decided to just use the sample from the documentation. On your site, this does not remove the scrollbars, but when I save the code locally (I also tried the professional version we own and the standard version) the scrollbars are not there … bject.html

If I include the sources (i.e. dhtmlxlayout.js,dhtmlxcommon.js,dhtmlxcontainer.js) the scrollbars appear. It only causes a problem with including dhtmlx.js

As an update, I finally found a way to fix this by resetting the overflow with a quick jquery css call.


I had previously put this in a style tag and it didn’t work. So, is it possible the dhtmlx.js library incorrectly sets this while the dhtmlxcontainer.js or dhtmlxlayout.js leaves it be