Layout accessing parent from attached url


I am wondering if it possible for the team to provide the full example about accessing parent from attached page that showed on this page:

I have three files, they are layout.html (dhtmlx layout), gantt.html (dhtmlx gantt), map.html (bing map). I have a layout with two cells in layout.html. I attached map.html to cell a and gantt.html to cell b by . Q1: What I want to do is click a button in map.html(cell a) to change the title of cell b and refresh the gantt.html (cell b). Q2: Why the horizontal scroll bar of gantt chart is missing after attached to layout. How can I get it back?

Currently, I have constructed my layout inside layout.html like this:

function doOnLoad() {
pile_layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject({
parent: document.body,
pattern: “3L”

Inside my map.html I have a button and a function like this:

input type=“button” value=“change title” onclick="change_title()
function change_title() {

Current Situation
However it seems like the child page can not find the layout in the parent page.
Therefore, I am thinking that a full example about accessing parent from attached page could help.


Please, try to use the


instead of


just like it is mentioned in the docs.
If the problem still occurs for you please, provide a complete demo or a demo link, where the problem can be reproduced locally.