Layout avoid overflow

Hi, can you help me to find a way to remove this overflow?
I have removed 2 overflow in the CSS file but this one is set by JS.

I attach an image very clear. It contains Firebug helper.

As you can see I have to show a floating menu the is hidden by the overflow of the container DIV.

Thanks in advance

The cell(‘a’) have a style (overflow:hidden) that is placed by some JS code.
Do you have some hint?
I have tried to modify the code searching for “overflow:hidden” but nothing succesfull.

Thanks in advance.

If you attach any object (html, dhtmlx) with autoscroll, scroll must to appear.

Thank you for the answer.
I don’t want the scroolbar.
If you look the first image you can see that a “floating DIV” is cropped because the cell(‘a’) has an overflow set to hidden.

Can you help me?

Try to hang up the menu on the body.

Hi Darya, thank you for the answer.
It’s not clear to me what you mean when you say: “hang up the menu on the body”.

I think that it’s not possible to remove the OVERFLOW:HIDDEN on the cell(‘a’) of the layout.


A solution (not sure about code quality) I found is the following.