Layout Effects - example

Layout Effects - example. I don’t understend this exaple. For me changing effects doesn’t change the Layout. What does it mean Layout.setEffect(“collapse”, false);. Is it works?. In opposite Layout.setEffect(“resize”, false); works.

The sample … fects.html

"collapse" is disabled - cells are just shown or hiden

"collapse" is enabled - you can see moving effect of cell header.

I understand that it should work like this but i haven’t this effect. Layout.setEffect(“collapse”, false);  change nothing. I is a null operation. Please try your example again or tell me what was changed.

The example works as we described in the previous answer. What browser do you use for tests ?

I too got confused and think the documentation for this method is misleading

The documentation says:
With the collapse effect you can enable/disable cell collapsing.
The resize effect allows/forbids to change a cell’s size.

The above lines literally means, the user can prevent collapsing and resizing the cells.

But based on what Alexandra says, I hope this method is just used for enabling / disabling the animation effects of the cells.

Can someone please change it? Thanks.


appologize for this misleading information. There was a mistake in the documentation that we’ve just corrected.

collapse and resize method disable or enable a corresponding visual effect and do not affect the ability to resize or collapse a cell.