Layout image path

I am having trouble getting the layout to find the icons/imgs for resize, collapse, etc. If I keep the original structure, it works fine:




However I would prefer to put the files in appropriate sub-directories:




When I do this, the layout cannot find the icons. I have set both of the following functions, but it still does not work:



Any ideas?

Thank you

When I do this, the layout cannot find the icons
Most images defined by css rules
- check dhtmlxlayout_dhx_blue.css ( or css of used skin )
- locate lines which contain background-image: url("…/imgs
- update them with necessary path ( relative path from location of css image to new location of imgs folder )

Thank you.
However that begs the question, what’s the point of the “setImagePath()” (and related) functions?

The images which are part of skin - defined in css
The images which can be set through API ( tree icons in tree for example, icons in menu and toolbar ) uses path defined by setImagePath

The layout itself doesn’t require a setImagePath to be rendered correctly, but when path defined, any components, initialized in layout ( tree, menu, toolbar etc. ) will use it by default. So command allows to define path only once, for all layout, instead of defining separate paths for each component.