Layout in Tabbar

when do code error popup

dhxTabbar.addTab("tab2","LAyout","100px"); dhxTabbar.cells("tab2").attachLayout("2E");

dhtmlxlayout.js:16 TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘this.skinParams[].cpanel_height’)

why with


is working, but when change skin to


it get error ;(((

Each component is initialized with some skin. Then using setSkin method it can be changed.

If the component is attached to another one using attach[Component] method, it inherits the skin from its parent. In your sample the layout initializes with “winscarf” skin. And this skin is not defined for Layout.

You may set the skin directly in the attachLayout method (the 2nd parameter). So, the skin won’t be inherited:

dhxTabbar.cells(“tab2”).attachLayout(“2E”, “dhx_skyblue”);

thanks, I will try you solution