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I’m currently designing a dhtmlx form.
I have made a fieldset with a checkbox and a label.
I have a standard text in the label. With this standard text the layout is correct.
But when I change the text in the label using setItemLabel() method, the layout is lost.

Could somebody help me to solve this problem?
I attached two screens of the problem.
The first one is with the original text, the second one after changing the text.

Greetings Remy

Does someone have a solve for this problem. I think that it’s a problem in dhtmlx. Because the style of the label is declared in the css file. So if you change the label text it shouldn’t be possible that the style is changed.

This issue confirmed. We’ll provide fix as soon as possible

Hi Olga

Thanks for your reply. Could you contact me when the problem is fixed?

Gr Remy

Fixed dhtmlxform.js file attached (14.8 KB)