Layout not coming up showing error in dhtmlxlayout.js?


I am new to dhtmlx and I find the product easy and very useful. I am new to web development itself so maybe this is my fault. I am trying to make a menu enabled dhtmlx layout. but it gives me a blank page. In firefox it does not show any error but in IE 8 it pulls up the error listed in the attached zip (File: ieerror.txt)

I am trying to follow the demo code in the website so not sure where I am going wrong :open_mouth: . Can you guys atleast point out where is the issue?

Full page code is attached with error message in text file.

Thank you for your help :mrgreen: (21.3 KB)


the provided package doesn’t contain code with layout and meny initialization.

The working sample you may find in layout package:


I have used almost the same initialization used in sample(infact the code was derived from it).

      dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("parentId", "2E","dhx_skyblue");
	   dhxMenu= dhxLayout.cells("a").attachMenu();


		  dhxMenu.attachEvent("onClick", function(id, zoneId, casState){

So I’m not sure what additional initialization needs to be done. I disabled the menu functions and tried but still no good :cry:

All js libaries from the provided sample are empty. Make sure sure that you use correct dhtmlx libraries.

Here is the example that works locally