Layout object not rendering properly after 1st Tabbar click

I have a complex layout object and a tabbar. On first load all is good but when I click the second tab, which just causes a reload with different date, several of the cells and the status bar have problems. At first, for examples the top of three cells on one side would expand to take up the entire side. I resolved that by calculating the desired height of each cell and then doing a .setHeight(). I still have an issue with one cell that does an .attachURL, initially the contents are displayed but after the first click the cell appears blank even though if you right click inside and view source everything is there. Even the status bar disappears on the first tabbar click. After the second tabbar click every thing works okay. The cells are populated and the status bar comes back.

To reproduce your issue we need completed demo or direct link. … leted_demo

If you have PRO edition - send me demo in PM or create a ticket in oline support system and attach it there.