Layout Parameters

i am using DHTMLX Layout, in this while attaching url,
how we can pass the parameters.

i try with this,“+document.getElementById(“refNo”).value+”&noPics="+document.getElementById(“noPics”).value
Its only working in IE.

if i give only one parameter like this,"+document.getElementById(“refNo”).value
it working fine in all browser.

suggest me, how to proceed with this.


attachURL(url); just attaches an iframe with src=url. Layout doesn’t change the url.

Please try to open the page with all parameters (use values instead of document.getElementById(…).value) in a separate tab and check whether it is correct.

Thanks Alexandra it works now.

it works with passing the values directly.

i find the problem that if we use document.getElementById("").value it not fetching the values.
and its work with document.forms[0].field.value.