Layout pattern "4L" in 3.6 version

Hi everybody,

I need help as soon as possible.

I’m using 3.6 version and i’ve a strange issue. I’ve to use the “4L” layout pattern but when i select it my application always displays “3E” pattern.

What’s the problem ?

Have i to use a “2U” pattern with a “3L” pattern inside the cell B of “2U” ?

Thanks for the answer

You just need to add an extention for this pattern in the library: … terns.html
Pay attention on our notes :slight_smile:

Thank you Darya but i don’t find any patterns dir and included .js files in the 3.6 package and nothing of this is mentioned in on-line documentation. !

Pattarn’s path:
There is no such thing in documentation, because in 4+ version all the patterns were included in commom layout file and this docs point lost the relevance.
Attaching patternt for you (622 Bytes)