Layout problem - displaying scheduler in a two columns websi


I have been searching a lot before posting this question… sorry if it has been asked before …

I am using dhtmlxscheduler in a website based on a two columns layout, and I can’t make the scheduler have a proper width display.

The left column is fixed to 200px, and the right column for the scheduler is liquid.
Actual CSS style for scheduler width is set to ‘width: auto’.

The problem is that the scheduler is cropped of the pixel amount of the wide of the left column. (see picture)

What is very strange is that when I resize my browser window it then automatically and perfectly fits the page. (see other picture)

You can see both views on attached pictures.

You can also reproduce it here : … 20css.html

And used code is here:

Did I missed something?

Thanks a lot for helping! :slight_smile:





scheduler.setCurrentView(scheduler._date, scheduler._mode);

at the end of init function.

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Thanks a lot! It works like a charm!