Layout Resize Not Working Properly



I have been trying to get a basic dhtmlx layout to work consistently when a page resizes.

I have a 4u layout I want the cells ‘a’ and ‘c’ to be fixed widths with ‘b’ changing depinding on window size. I want ‘d’ to have a fixed height of 120.

layout is attached to a div that takes up all the page. I have a jquery event listener for page resize which i use to reset the size of the layouts parent div and call setSizes for the layout as per this page [url][/url]

When I maximise minimise the page the layout cell may resize correctly 1 to 5 times but will then not resize properly for any future maximise minimises.

If I have the window minimised and make the window larger by dragging one side the layout always seems to resize correctly.

First of all try to use FULLSCREEN layout: … creen.html
If it will not fox your issue - tell us about it.