layout resizing

I"m having some resizing issues I’m trying to figure out.

At first I had a 3W layout taking over document.body. I had resizing working fine using dhxLayout.setAutoSize(“b”, “b”);

Now I’ve added a toolbar to the top by setting a toolbar div to be at the top of the page. I then created a new div called container for the 3W layout. Now the 3W layout doesnt resize when I resize my page.

You have some errors in code, please view the online samples:

  1. full-screened init … 0021362000

For anyone else running into this, the examples helped figure out what I was doing wrong.  The key is to not attach the Toolbar to a cell. I haven’t seen it in documentation anywhere but the Layout then assumes the toolbar needs to be at the top.  So you would use an example like this.  You would use document.body instead of attaching it to a div like so:

It all ok on our side. Here is a demo. (140 KB)