Layout - Scroll bar for large html area?

I have a page that uses dhtmlxlayout and used the statement:


to attach an html span of “objId” to a cell in the layout. The span includes more text than will fit in the cell, so I expected it to put a scroll bar so I could scroll down within the cell to see the additional text. There is not a scroll bar. Is there a way to have the cell scroll if the text is larger than will display (similar to the scrolling that appears if you attach a URL to the cell)?

Thank you.


By the default layout does not render scrollbars (they turned off in
Set width/height to 100% and overflow:auto to your object (better use divs), in this case scrolls will rendered by attached object.

For details see the source code of this demo: … 5298112000

<div id=“objId” style="width:100%;height:100%;overflow:auto;
this div attached in the sample.

Thank you for your help.