I have a layout with “1c” pattern.
I attached a toolbar to cell-one, and then i attached tabbar to the same cell-one.
I have 5 tabs in that tabbar and having grid for each tab.

When i called progressOn on cell-one the progressbar is working for only toolbar , not whole area(toolbar+tabbar)

What is the wrong with this?

Naresh Adla

It is wrong behaviour.
It must be for all layout’s area…
We need your completed demo to test it … leted_demo

If you have PRO version - just attach your HTML file

Yeah we are using pro edition only.
Here is my code:

Layout Sample Page
var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(layoutobj,'1C') var cellOne = layout.cells('a'); cellOne.hideHeader(); var _toolbar = cellOne.attachToolbar(); _toolbar.addInput("SearchArea", 0, "Ener search string", 200); _toolbar.addButton("Search", 1, "", "images/new_icons/search.png", "images/new_icons/search.png"); _toolbar.addButton("SearchOpts", 2, "", "images/new_icons/filter.png", "images/new_icons/filter.png"); var _tabbar = cellOne.attachTabbar(); _tabbar.addTab('tabOne','Metadata','180px'); _tabbar.addTab('tabOne2','Metadata','180px'); _tabbar.addTab('tabOne3','Metadata','180px'); _tabbar.addTab('tabOne4','Metadata','180px'); _tabbar.addTab('tabOne5','Metadata','180px');
        var _gridOne = _tabbar.cells('tabOne').attachGrid();
        _gridOne.setHeader(["Code ID","Code Name","Code Value","Code Description","Codeset Name","System Name/Environment","Active Indicator","Logical Delete Indicator"]);

Thanks in advance,

Naresh Adla

Please find the attached image.

Demonstrates - progressbar applied to only toolbar not for whole cell area.
(Note: i just changed height of the toolbar in css , so that we can see the progress bar clearly)

Naresh Adla

There is no issues locally with your code:

Pleace, write to support system and attach conpleted demo there … leted_demo
with link to this topic

Yeah you are right Mr.Darya.

But it is working fine with 3.6 pro edition , but not with 3.0.
For this what can i do?

And also dhtmlx.alert() also not working with 3.0 , fine with 3.6.
same with toolbar getInput() method.

Can u provide any solution to these too:)

Naresh Adla

What version do you use now and what versiond are you going to use for your project?
If 3.0 - we recommend you to upgrade your suit to solve this issue and to get many new features and opportunities.

So upgradation is the only solution.


Thanks Darya :slight_smile: