Layout, Tree and Grid working together

I have a 3L layout. In cell ‘a’ I have attached a Tree. In cell ‘b’ i have a grid. In cell ‘C’ based on the selection in’ b’ i need to add a grid or a form.

Few points. On click of a tree a different Grid needs to be attached to cell ‘b’. These grids have different column. In cell ‘c’ I have a toolbar. now on click of a row in the grid in ‘b’ I attach a grid in cell ‘c’. I also want to add button to cell ‘c’ along with the grid. How can I add buttons to this?.

  1. Any attached content in cell will replaced with new if you call attchObject() method (attachGrid, attachTree, etc).
    2. If you use one grid but different columns you’d better reload grid headers not full grid object.
    3. To add buttons you should create a container, attach grid and buttons into it and then attach this container into cell.