Layout views in window does not resize

I have a dhtmlxWindow object with layout attached to it. In one cell of the layout I have 3 views with different charts attached to each view. All works fine until I maximize the window. The charts (the views as a matter of fact) do not resize with the layout.

When I attach chart to layout cell directly - all works great.

Is there any option for the view I should set?

You need use direct attachment to the layout cell as “attachChart” method - chart will resize with the cell. But pay attention on methods fixSize or setAutoSize - may be you will need one of them.

I use the following method:

mychartPie = dhxLayoutChart.cells("b").view("viewPie").attachChart({ view: "pie", value: "#data1#", tooltip: "#data1#", legend:{ width: 105, align: "right", valign: "top", marker:{ type: "round", width: 15 }, template: "#data0#" } });

I have 3 charts on 3 views and a tabbat to switch between them. What other way of doing 3 types of charts in one window do you suggest if not using views?

Here is a sample for you with 2 ways of using - see attachment
14.02.06.rar (517 KB)

Darya, thank you for your help.

In the first idea you gave me I received window[id] is undefined.

I solved it in different way, and it is working fine.


You are welcome!