Layout with toolbar and form - unable to scroll down - Safari, Firefox, Chrome on Mac and iPad



here i have a snippet with a layout attached to a tabbar-cell:

The tabbar-cell-layout has two rows, one for the toolbar and one for the form and the Problem is, that i can’t scroll down to see the hole form. I tried it with Safari, Firefox and Chrome (on a Mac and on a iPad).

I tried to change the height property of the layout-cell from “content” to a fixed height, but it doesn’t work.

When i remove the "style=“height: 100%;” from the layout div, then it works on the Mac, but still not on the iPad.

What i am doing wrong?



Thank you fro your report.
The poroblem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the future updates.


This problem was fixed. And now your snippet should work correctly.