Left Justify data in combo box after search

I have implemented a combo box with a search capability. The user types some input into a combo box (with a default of no list options), clicks search, and the options appear as the combo box list options. When an option is chosen whose length exceeds that of the combo box’s visible area, the combo box highlights the part of the selection that was not part of the search string, and centers the text in the combo box input field. I would like the text to be left justified, so that the beginning of the option is visible in the combo box. How can I change it to work like that?


Text in combo is left-aligned by default. Possibly some your css styles make it centered.

The input style can be modified in the dhx_combo_input class (it is set in the dhtmlxcombo.css):


I changed the style but it didn’t help. I made a mistake, it is not centralizing the text.  When I call combo.loadXML(), it selects the part of the option that was not in the seach string and displays the combo text starting two letters before the selected text.  Why would this be?




could you please provide the sample to recreate the issue.