libCompiler add components.xml


Questions and request assistance for libCompiler: how do I add other components which do not exist in components.xml file, such as for files dhtmlxgrid_excell_passw.js, dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js and dhtmlxcalendar_yahoolike.css?

I’ve tried to make manual edits to the components.xml file, but it always leads to mistakes

I use version v.2.5 build 91 111

thanks for your help

If you want some other content to compiled dhtmlx.js - the simplest solution will be to use any text editor and place content of the file at the end of dhtmlx.js ( there is no any special processing required )

If you still want to have them as part of libCompiler, locate in components xml the next line

and add after it

name of extension any text here

where id - any unique id
path - path to the file in question ( from the dhtmlSuite root )