libCompiler - does not seem to include everything I need?

I used the libCompiler tool and did a full compile (checked all branches). I used this successfully for everything I have done.

Although, today I tried to implement drag n drop functionality.

I ran the sample from dhtmlxGrid\samples\interaction_other_components\pro_interaction.html and was able to run it successfully.

But when I tried to implement run this same file by only pointing it to the files created by the libcompiler tool (dhtmlx.css, dhtmlx.js), I get errors.

I get the following errors when running the example using only dhtmlx.css and dhtmlx.js.

Error Type: Configuration

Description: Incorrect cell type: dyn

also when I try to drag from grid to tree using this example, I get the following error

Line 1758

Error ‘ParentObject.childCount’ is null or not an object.

Its seems as though the libCompile tool is not compiling everything I need. Although when I look at the manifest.txt file it says that everything I need is there. Can someone please test this and let me know if it happens.

Pleaes update original libCompiler/components.xml with attached one. ( be sure to clear browser cache, or old xml data may be cached )
Original one miss support of “dyn” column type in grid, which causes issue in above situation. (38.6 KB)

Ok.  I copied down the new components file that you provided and it does fix the first error I reported.  But the second issue still remains. 

Line 1763 Error ‘ParentObject.childCount’ is null or not an object.

The only thing I am doing is commenting out all the references to the individual files and repointing to the two files created by the libCompiler utility (dhtmlx.css and dhtmlx.js).  I am using the following example


has this been tested as well?


While above scenario works correctly in local sample, we have found one more potencial issue - please update components.xml one more time. (38.9 KB)

Bingo! That fixed it. Thanks.