LibCompiler doesn't include everything

I posted a question about this before: … 23&a=14031

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Anyway, I found the problem. LibCompiler is not including the CSS for the blue/black skin choice. I am choosing “Suite Full”, and checking the radio button for “dhx_black”. The generated JS file seems fine, but the CSS is messed up. I can fix it by including these style sheets: “dhtmlxlayout_dhx_black.css” and “dhtmlxwindows_dhx_black.css” in addition to the one generated by LibCompiler: “dhtmlx.css”.

I verified that elements in the “dhtmlxlayout_dhx_black.css” are definitely not in the “dhtmlx.css” file. I also verified that I wasn’t accidentally generating or requesting the ‘blue’ skin. When I ask LibCompiler to generate files for black, and again for blue, and then compare the CSS files with DIFF… they are exactly the same.

For now I am simply including the additional CSS files.


the issue still isn’t reproduced locally.

Please, check that the skin is defined in the layout constructor:

var dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(“parentId”,“3L”,“dhx_black”);


Yes, that is what I have. Like I said, the problem is in the LibCompiler generated CSS. For instance, if I look inside “dhtmlxlayout_dhx_black.css”, I see elements such as:
 - table.dhtmlxLayoutPolyContainer_dhx_black
 - td.dhtmlxLayoutSinglePoly
 - div.dhtmlxWindowMainContent

If I search for these elements in the LibCompiler generated CSS file (“dhtmlx.css”), they are not present. Thus, I have to include “dhtmlx.css” and I have to include “dhtmlxlayout_dhx_black.css” and “dhtmlxwindows_dhx_black.css”:

I am attaching the LibCompiler generated css file for you too look at. Again, if I use LibCompiler and choose either the ‘blue’ or ‘black’ skin… the same exact file (attached) is generated either way.
I am running Ubuntu 8.04, Apache 2.2, and PHP 5.2.4


dhtmlx.css (82.8 KB)

The layout doesn’t appear with your dhtmlx.css.

But locally all works perfectly (lib Compiler is from the latest suite). Please, see attached sample with generated dhtmlx.css and dhtmlx.js for layout component. (60.9 KB)

I had the same issue in December.  I posted this question and was able to get it resolved.  See link it may help. … ibCompiler