[LibCompiler] Integrating different components & versions

Hi there,

Need your advices on the following situation:


  1. I purchased dhtmlxGrid PRO [v4.1]
  2. I would like to use dhtmlxWindows std [v4.5]


  1. How can I achieve it ? Can I simply include the compressed js files [dhtmlxGrid.js - v4.1] and [dhtmlxwindows.js - v4.5] in my html page ?

  2. Will different versions cause any discrepancy / errors ?

Thank you.

Furthermore, if the above case is achievable.

Which [dhtmlxcommon.js] should I use while re-compressing dhtmlxGrid PRO [version 4.1] with dhtmlxWindows STD [version 4.5] ?

Unfortunately it is not recommended to combine the js files of the components from the different editions (pro/std) and different versions.
You may try to attach the files of the dhtmlxGrid PRO 4.1 and after that include the files of the dhtmlxWindows std 4.5, but in case of any conflict I may only suggest you to use the dhtmlxSuite PRO.